How can I open a Limelight lightbox from a Scribe Floating Image stack?

I am (still) struggling with opening a Limelight lightbox from a Scribe Floating Image stack. I already posted the same question over half a year ago, but there wasn’t a solution how to make this work in the end.

As you can see in the screenshot below I pasted the launch ID of the lightbox inside the custom class of the LL floating image stack. But it doesn’t work. :-/

I really, really need the possibility to open a Limelight image lightbox from a Scribe floating image stack. Is there really no way to get this working? I forgot to mention that I’m using Foundation 6.

Wolf - your custom class name should be lightbox4 not lightbox4 side-image

@wolf The relocation of the scribe image breaks the event binding.

I’ve made a fix for you in Limelight to account for this. I’ll DM you the link to the revised stack to test.

@paul.rowe His classname is fine. Spaces separate class names so he just has 2 classes specified which is valid.


Thanks Paul, but that’s the way F6 works: you can simply add several classes - separate by a blank - inside the custom class field. That should work, but it doesn’t (even when removing the side-image class).

Nothing to do with F6 - its just the way CSS works for everything.

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Aah…, still have soooo much to learn… ;-) But much more important: your fix is working just fine, thanks so much!! :-)