How do I add a page link to 1LD's free Simple Buttons stack?

I’ve been trying 1LD’s free Simple Buttons stack, which is great, but how do I link to another page in my project? There’s just a pane to enter the URL in the edit window, there’s no link button like in other stacks, or am I missing something?

If it can’t do it i need a button stack that can be transparent and add a link to an internal page in the project.

Could you post a screenshot of the link selector please?

It just has a text field headed ‘URL’. There’s no link selector that I can see.


Well, that implementation could be better. You would use a link selector instead an input field.

Check out this one, maybe it fit your needs.

Yes I agree. Maybe there is a link in the Pro version but that isn’t clear from their website. But the Ghost Button stack is perfect - thank you!

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