How Do I Force Facebook To Use A Thumbnail From My Website?

Facebook has selected a random pic from my homepage to use when I add a link.
I need to override their selection.

I have uploaded the image I want used to my files
I have added code in the head part of my RW site
I have scraped the site using facebook Linter

But still no luck … have I missed a step!?


From my docu:

If you have tried to share one of your posts inside Facebook already, this data is cached by Facebook. Make sure to reset the cached information via the Open Graph Debugger if you changed information. This will also allow you a preview of your posts.

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You need to instruct FB to use an image that you choose and then point FB to. Many other services will also use this image so it well worth doing.

  1. Create the image you want and make it something like 1200 x 630px in size.
  2. Add it to your site in a folder and save its url.
  3. Use a generator such as Mega Tags | The most complete social media meta tag generator to add all of the FB stuff such as name, description, image url, etc…
  4. Copy the code it generates and paste it into your home page head area in RW.

There are loads of these generator s around so if the one above doesn’t work, try another.

PS don’t use a thumbnail. Use the large image size above so that it will look good on a desktop screen and scale down when a smaller size is required.

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Brilliant. THANKYOU.

Ah …Thanks yes!

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