How do you purchase an upgrade to Stacks 4?

This is turning out to be more difficult than I was expecting.

I can only see a BUY and no UPGRADE button or link on the Yourhead site. Also I can’t see any way to upgrade from within RW7/Stacks.

@isaiah The serial number lookup comes back with {"result":"success","message":"No Results Found<\/td><\/tr>"} when I enter my email.

Google is your friend.

Actually I found it on this page - , whereas i was taken to this page from somewhere I can’t remember - which doesn’t have the upgrade link.

The link is at for anyone as stupid as me.

On investigation it was Google that took me to the wrong place actually.

So the Serial Number lookup does work if you click the large green “Send order history” but fails if you don’t press the button but use Return to begin the search. That just seems to be how Cartloom works.

Sorry, I’m just now catching up with this. If you have any troubles with serial numbers, getting Stacks registered, or finding the upgrade link you can always send a message to support: and Christi will be happy to look things up. This is especially useful if you no longer have access to an old email address or can’t recall the email address you used.


Oh, and I’ll see if I can’t get @yabdab to fix that form submission. Thanks for letting us know.


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