How to do a manual back up of RW

I have time machine running , but mac is running really slow , done all the normal clearing out stuff.
Thinking of doing a clean El Capitan reload. thought i had better back up sites and RW ( lots of paid for stacks etc ) thought it wouldn’t hurt to do a manual back up too, just in case.
Ive copied the Library pref files but cant see where RW is now , has it been moved?

What version of RapidWeaver are you running? The addons folder has different default locations.

You will probably have to re-enter your serial numbers for RapidWeaver and plugins after reinstalling.

RW 8 - i know I’ve got some plug in serials but not all , thats what i was abit worried about !! are the serials kept in the pref folder in the library ? won’t Time machine take care of this ?

Even after a restore from a full backup it’s quite common to have to reenter serial numbers so I’d make sure you have everything to hand… Not just RW stuff!
Without knowing who the makers of the plugins are I cant safely say but Yourhead (Stacks, PlusKit, SiteMap etc) have a KB on lost serials:


thank you

Absolutely not on especially on “clean install”.
As Paul points out, serial numbers are going to be needed probably for quite a lot of applications. It’s always a good habit to keep a list somewhere of each product you have purchased and installed and the serial numbers. Keep it somewhere you can get to like iCloud or Dropbox without the computer.

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I use 1Password to store anything like this, as soon as I purchase something I enter its details, 1p even has a dedicated section/template for software licences.

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I believe all the password managers offer that. I use Enpass and it has the same feature. I also keep a copy of the email that you usually get when you purchased the software, it most often has the serial number and download and install instructions. I keep these as an attachment to a note on iCloud.

Everyone has their own workflow, but the most important thing is to have one and get into the habit of using it.