How to make pdf or jpeg available to view and download by clicking a button?

What’s the best way to link a button to a pdf or jpeg file so people can view it and maybe download it?
I have Platform, simple button, ButtonPlus2.

Upload to the server, get the uRL, put this into the button link window. Select “open in new window” and you’re done.

I’m not sure what kind of page/stack to use for the pdf.
I’ve seen stacks that embed pdfs. Do I need something like that?
Thanks for replying :-)

The PDF itself just needs to be uploaded to the host server. That can be done with any ftp client like transmit or FileZilla.

You could also put the PDF into the resources in RapidWeaver and then on the link dialogue box select the resource and let RapidWeaver handle the publishing.

Thanks Teefers - the second option you described works best for me. I haven’t published the site yet, so I can test this in Firefox.

Is there a way to make it so people can’t download the pdf, only view it?

I don’t think there is and normally if a user can see it then they can always Save it as a PDF.

The potentially bigger issue is that Windows users who don’t have an inbuilt PDF reader built in, will not be able to see it and will likely be re-directed to a dodgy PDF viewer download site.

Wills (S4S) excellent Paperless stack has options to either view or download a PDF, may be a solution.

Is it possible share a jpeg in a similar way?

This is just a button that says something like ‘View DBS Form’ so the form pops up in a new window. Paperless is more for a collection of downloads isn’t it? or can a button be linked to one of the downloads in Paperless? (I read through the Paperless page at Stasks4Stacks but couldn’t see anything that sounded like it could do this, but I didn’t fully understand everything there).

hmm, so my ‘Download pdf’ buttons I’m planning may not be so good for Windows people. I guess I could provide an alternative page using Paperless for people who can’t view the pdfs…

This is confusing wording. If you want folks to download PDFs then that is super simple with many approaches. One is Paperless. Another is to zip the PDF, upload (or put in resources) and create a link (with button or otherwise) to the zipped file. All zips (Mac or Windows) will auto-download.

The complicated part is you wanting folks to view the PDF and NOT download.

For each file, Paperless can offer the 2 options to View or Download, and can be used for just 1 file.