How to open a Limelight Lightbox from a Scribe Floating Image?

I am trying to make a LL Lightbox open from a Scribe Floating Image by adding the class and LL ID as a link to it, but without success. Tried it with both Foundation 6 and a “normal” theme, but it just doesn’t work (nothing happens when clicking on the Floating Image). Any hints how I can make this work…?

It should work if you just add the Limelight launch ID (default is lightbox1) to the custom class field of the floating image child stack.

Thanks Stuart. I have to add: I need this to work with Foundation 6. Just tried it with several normal themes and it’s actually working as you suggested. But for me it’s also not working with Source. Do you have a small demo project for me where it is working with Source? Maybe I can then sort out why it’s not working with F6…

Have you tried previewing in a browser (as opposed to RW preview)? I just tested and it worked fine in Source.

Just tested again with Source: now also working in RW preview without problems. So I’m still struggling with getting Limelight in combination with Scribe Floating Image to work in Foundation 6. Here’s a quick test page:
Maybe @tav knows what’s going on here…?

I am in a van all week moving farm equipment so I only have my mobile.

If it works in everything except F6 then it is probably something to do with the way that F6 moves scripts around to load the CSS faster. Sounds like this is breaking the event bindings to the floating image. I suspect that you will be recommended to use the F6 lightbox instead.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for replying to my issue – even under such unusual circumstances.
I hope that everything is going well with the move and that you have found a new home in the meantime.
Best, Matthias