How to rise a speed-rank of the Source site?


I just build my first Source one-page site:
and get only 77 by this ranking system:

What and how I can optimise for rank it up, or it’s already in best condition?
Thank You!

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There’s quite a few images that could be much smaller in file size - the blurred parallax one is nearly 600kb - if you want it blurred then you could get the file size of that right down.

Also the staff images in the lightbox are all big file sizes for small images (that’s a great grid in there!!).

Worth starting with these and see where that gets you.


Sorry, can’t help with the ranking system, but if you don’t mind I’d like to share my opinion on the overall look.

While I can see that you played around with overlapping content a lot, I personally find it too much. This one page looks cramped up, it’s lacking whitespace and consistency. Having images overlapping other images, and the contact form overlapping the map makes the site visually not very appealing but instead rather chaotic. There’s room for improvement ;)

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