How to trigger a certain limelight on page-load...?

Hi @andrew, on this page I have placed a Limelight Bar on the right which blends its content inside a SectionsPro on the left: Working great so far. :-) But I am struggling on how to configure a URL to open a certain one of these limelights (in this case: the one with the ID “notfalldienste”) on page load inside the SectionsPro. Is this possible at all…?
I found this thread, but it didn’t answer my question in the end…

You’re timing is perfect. I was working on exactly this feature last night for another user as part of his support request for features.
Expect an update today or tomorrow.


Ha, now how great is that…?!? :-) Thanks Tav, will wait for that update.

I think I will make it work with a query string rather than just a hash link - that way it will not interfere with other anchors on the page (e.g MagicGellan)

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You can do this with Call to Action. You can even trigger different LimeLight stacks based on different parameters passed to the URL.

If you want to use URL parameters, then CTA inside Agent URL will do the trick.


1.0.6 is now available.

Thanks @tav! Working fine, but I have to re-think my LL-constellation: Since I have one Lightbox open on page-load (not shown in the navigation) the one which I trigger via a link is shown for the fraction of a second but then replaced by the one which is opened on page-load… ;-)

So perhaps the open on page load function should be suppressed if there is a query string present?

YESSS…! Exactly. :-)

OK, I can do that. I’ll be back at the computer later so sit tight for 1.0.7


Great! Will be away from the computer now for some hours, but am gladly looking forward to 1.0.7! :)

1.0.7 working great for me! :-)

Thanks Joe! If Tav wouldn’t have been able to offer this option “natively” inside LL I would for sure have tried your approach. :-)