How to use JW Pi stack without Foundation? I'm stuck

Hi all,

Just wondering how I would go about using JW Pi Stack without Foundation? @joeworkman

It looks like Pi requires Foundation form stacks to use as input fields but if I want to use Pi in say a Foundry project how do I go about it…??

What other 3rd party stacks can I use for the input number fields? Either as a number slider or direct number input.

I do like the power of Pi but being limited to only using within Foundation is a surprise…it’s not mentioned in the JW purchase notes…that I can see anyway.

I do have S4S CalcStack and 1LD Formula stacks but I liked some of the extra features in Pi.

However, since purchasing Pi I’ve discovered it seems as though it’s for Foundation projects only…unless there are other stacks I can use for input fields.

Any suggestions and ideas would be appreciated.

Happy New Year everyone…

Cheers Scott

it should work with any form stack

What makes you think that Pi only works in Foundation? Pi works that same with any theme or any form stack.

Hi Scott and Joe,

Thanks for quick response on NYE…what input stack can you suggest I use please?

It is probably very obvious but I’m a bit stuck…maybe just too excited with NYE coming up soon!!

I have a particular Foundry project…a timber and carpet flooring site and I want to setup a calculator for room area size in m2… just as you have in your example/demo Joe.

Aaahhhhh!! Forget the above…

I have just copied and pasted the F6 Container stack into my Foundry project and yep it works!!

I didn’t expect the Foundation 6 Form stacks to work in a Foundry project and didn’t even try it previously…sorry guys.

Something else too Joe…the F6 Form stack RangeSlider. I want it to be decimal so the slider will step up by 0.25 or 0.50 but it only steps up by whole numbers. Is there a setting I’m missing in the Forms RangeSlider stack in F6?

Have a great NYE gentlemen.

Cheers Scott