I need help with Repository Stack

HI guys, first time here. I’ve been using Repository Stack, and it is one of the most useful stacks I’ve ever had to manage files online, I mean it’s amazing. Today I want to know if you can add like a link on top of the window that a visitor can download, filled and upload a PDF form? Or maybe a link that send you to an HTML form ? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the feedback.

What is the detailed use case? When would this be used?

Ok, I want that my clients instead of texting me or sending me personal emails, they just drop what they need on their repository space. I use Sitelock so they enter name and pass and have access to their files. So far so good, now I want to implement a new way of interaction with them. Either I create a online form to fill out and I get a notification or they drop a pdf there and I get a notification from the repository. The thing is that I want them to do that once they enter with the name and pass to their repository space, they can do also the form or whatever the feature is but inside the respository space the know and love. I don’t want to create another button for the form and complicate their life with that. I know you can add txt files already inside the repo space. Something like that with questions they can answer will be great!

The feature that Repository Stack is able to create different “spaces” (subdirectories) based on client login is only available with UserAccess Stack.

This is already available now. They upload a file into the Repository directory (drag and drop, or upload modal), and you’re able to configure that you get an email for each upload.

As said, only in combination with UserAccess Stack.

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I don’t understand. I’ve been using repository stack for a while and never have problem with clients. Every one of them has there own repo space privately with their name and pass. Why I need that other addon for? I need a way clients fill out a form right there in the repo area where the put their docs.

Ok, I see, you’ve configured RW in the way that you have different stacks pages, all containing repository stack, and pointing to different folders.

That’s perfectly fine. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

What should this form contain, as it is already now possible that they upload files?

Email notification already done ✅ and should work for you.

It can be a fillable pdf really. You know when you click on the doc icon and you can create an html txt right there? I was hoping the same thing but when the doc opens it’s a fillable pdf. Something like that or better yet just a clickable link that open an external site with a html fillable form.

The form will be answering questions about the project they started (social media ads or flyers, stuff like that)

Repository Stack 2 allows you to add other stacks on the same page. If you find a stack fulfilling your requirements, you could add this to the same page then.


Two questions:

  1. If I upgrade I will be messing my clients experience in the transition?

  2. Is there an upgrade price?

Will send you a DM regarding upgrade.

Have a look here, I think it won’t mess up: