I need ideas for my blog design

As a long time designer delivering great arts and keeping a long list of happy costumers threw out these years, when it comes to my personal projects, I don’t like anything I create for me! 🤣 (I know I’m not alone, but it’s kind of frustrating) I’m trying to have a minimalist blog for Hispanic market about sour opinions of popular news topics like the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident.

I get the inspiration from a site I like called Daring Fireball for the layout, but I need your help with Google font suggestions and what kind of green can be use that make the page pop and clean. Any color theme combination ideas are fine, but the main one need to be green. The name of the page is La Grosella means Gooseberry in Spanish (a sour small fruit that is green in the Caribbean)

Here is the page (It’s still in Beta) so you can check it out and have an idea of a font and color that revamp the overall look of the page. Thanks in advance.

I think a gooseberry has a lighter shade, more like E4ECAF but I’m not sure if black font on that color would work well.
Some shades can be very hard on the eyes when combined with text.

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I like the color. Nice suggestion.

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I like your original colour green and together with your yellow and black, works well, but that blue logo looks garish and out of place. Some images may get lost in the green and if this is a concern I would say stick with black text on a white BG.

The font isn’t so important, but you should increase your text size and line height which will make it more readable. If you like the Daring Fireball design, have a peek under the hood with Safari Inspector, and use the same fonts that he uses, assuming they are Google Fonts. His text is way too small IMHO.