I need your help please in recreating part of the "Lawyer" course

Can somebody please help me? I guess this is all par of the course for you experts but I just can’t seem to fathom it out.

I’m trying to recreate inserting the header “#1 Lawyer” on top of the image as described in video 3 of the “Lawyer course”. All goes well until the following:

  1. I create a Container Plus (Source)
  2. I add “Image (Source)”
  3. Add the two asset images - 1000w.jpg and 2000w.jpg to “Image - General” area. But here I can’t see the “Show BG in Edit mode” or the “overlay” as is shown in the video, should that make any difference. Not sure whether these two have been discontinued in the version of the project which I have.

here is where I go aground.

In the video there is a + sign at the top of the image where there is a choice to add the “header”. My “+” shows at the bottom of the image, or outside of the image container.

Can somebody please tell me where I am going wrong as I been fiddling around with this part for hours today and just want to move on.

and here is what it should be:

Your input sure would be appreciated, thank you

Looks like you are adding an image into a Container, i.e. that image is the content inside the Container. What you need to do is add a background image to the Container, and then give the Container some height such as 100vh if you want it to be a Hero image.

Once you do this, you can then add content into the Container such as the text. So you would have a background image with text on top of that background image.

It is very important to grasp these concepts and when you do, this will become second nature and just a matter of a few mouse clicks.

I don’t have that Template but I would suggest having a closer look at that first Container in the template.

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Hurray! Worked it out. Many thanks. Now I can move on to the next stage.