I really think my new site is blocked from Google

Do sub domains work less well on Google? Or is it possible that I have somehow blocked my website from Google? I did have Page Lock on it … though I took pagelock off many weeks ago could it have done something perminant?
My website name is a madeup name , so really it has no competition… its just not showing up at all when I Google it. Everything else is … . My site has been up for about 2 months wuile I work on it…

… I just see where it has applied for trademark etc and my worst nightmare … it even it shows up on this forum where I have asked questions linking to it! So if my client googles A*** … no site but just my lame questions !
so odd that there is absolutely no sign of it.

I am far from an authority on the workings of google. Have you added the site into google search console? It might give you some insight and you can also request indexing manually there.

You have some duplicate robots tags on your site, not sure if that is an issue or not… You could also use a more keyword-heavy page description in your meta tags as well - especially as the company name doesn’t make it clear that it is a multivitamin for vegetarians product.

On a related note, I don’t know if google looks at sites that make “health claims” with more scrutiny and maybe takes longer to get indexed? That’s total speculation on my part though

Hi Jabostick …thanks a million times for taking a look.

Yes I did add (try to add) SEO Helper stacks this weekend. It poped up that I had duplicate tags and I cant for the life of me find them in the RW project… Will try again.
I feel that the problerm stems from much further back though … its just so weird that there is absolutely no sign of the site at all when searched … yet just using the word once in the forum it only took 2 days to show. I have a meeting this week witrh the client and hate that my questions are there for reveryone to see ! But the site is nowhere to be found!

Listening to a video on SEO yesterday where they mentioned that the problem of duplicate tags might arise from two versions of individual pages, or the whole file, with both html and php designations.

Perhaps you might check your server.

That info was presented in Video 1 here:

Oh thats really interesting I hadnt thought of that.

THANKS. Also thanks so much for the link, I’ll listen later tonight.

Hi @Domino,

I don’t think the problem lies with Google. Your site doesn’t show up on any search engine.

This leads me to believe there’s something wrong with your robots.txt file. Have you accidentally unchecked the boxes in RW that allow your your site to be indexed by search engines? Or perhaps there’s an old robots.txt file on your server?

I’d check both: go trough every page you’ve made in RW and check these boxes:
Capto_Capture 2022-06-08_08-57-43_am

Then log onto your webserver using an FTP client and look for a file called robots.txt in your domain’s public_html directory and delete that file.

After you’ve done this, go to the following URL:


…and go through the steps. This way, GoogleBot will index your site a bit quicker than just waiting for it to stumble upon your site on its own. It can still take a few days for your site to pop up though.


If you check your site using Google’s https://web.dev/ you will see there is a great deal wrong with your site. Inspector tools also shows many errors.

I tried your site in https://web.dev/, and it finally returned with a mobile speed result of 6, but never completed the desktop check.

On an initial scan of the results, lots of stuff is missing. One possible reason why it doesn’t appear in search results is because Google doesn’t think it works well enough.

You have a Title and a Robots file set to search, but no description so Google has little idea what it is about.

Also you appear to have used every stack known to man and many seem to be loading the same things over and over, no doubt from all of the stack used. If you are going to use Foundry then why not build it with just the Foundry stacks with a handful of others for th shop, etc…

My advice would be to completely rebuild it from scratch and don’t add SEO helper until you get it working and searchable. Then add in Seo Helper if https://web.dev/ finds stuff you should addd in.

Alternatively you could address the issues one at a time and retest.

Regarding your URL appearing in Google searches, can I suggest you remove it from this thread above, and edit it from the original thread and anywhere it is used, yourself by removing the URL. If you need further help on this URL matter, just DM me.

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@Domino Just had a look at your A****** MULT****TAMIN page and it has Robots set to none. I.e. Set to not alow search engines.

Again, there is no description and the title is just a generic “Shop A*** the vitamin supplement for vegetarians” instead of being specific to the product. Even if search engines were allowed, they would not know what the products are about.

Also, I see you are using Matamo and on my first visit I was not presented with any Privacy/Cookie messages.

PS Your product display is a perfect candidate for inStacks Poster2 that will create the SEO for each product and be easy to add extra products and also for visitors to search by name, tag, category, etc…


Im remaking the site. Hopefully that will help. I wont add the SEO helper … I really screwed that up.

Re editing my post to remove client /product name … I see that your post has a little red pencil by it so it can be edited … my posts have no pencil! I dont seem to be able to edit my posts … I think can only edit comments not original post.
THANK YOU (I dm’d you)