I thought Edge was phasing out?

With the launch of its new branding and this https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/20/20813510/microsoft-chromium-edge-beta-download-release-macos-windows the Chromium Edge now out in beta? Is this not being phased out?

This is a brand new Edge, it uses the Chromium engine (or a version/branch of it) the same as Chrome. It’s both Mac and Windows and so far I’ve been impressed.
Think of it as Chrome without Google and you won’t be far off.


Cool and this is here to stay? Re when peeps refer to Edge bing phased out the refer to the back end and this new Chrome edge is the new and here to stay?

Yup, here to stay.
As it’s chrome(ium) it supports addons just like chrome, Addon devs just have to submit their existing addons to MS for approval etc etc. I’m not sure if it’s still true but with past betas you could go to the google chrome Addon store and install any of the existing ones.
From our perspective it’s a win win as if our sites work on chrome they will work exactly the same or even better on Edge.

The big big BIG feature is that MS are building the IE engine into the Windows version of Edge so that if a site specifically requires IE it will switch to that engine. This means that Edge can be set as the default browser in corporate environments. I think it’s on a per tab basis too, so Edge can be ‘normal’ in one tab and IE in another.


MS will go on a heavy marketing push to drive users to it, home users will probably not get a choice and to be honest apart from the icon change probably won’t notice.
Corp users will be MS’s primary targets, they above all want IE to die.


Me too!!! IE is a mare that I hoped would go away years ago but its still here…