'If This Then That' on a Form

Hello - I just got over a big newbie Form issue for someone (long story), and while I was solving it they decided they wanted to use Wufoo for the form. It looks awful and would lead people away from the website, so I’m trying to convince the person that I can replicate the Wufoo form and keep it on the site and have it do what the Wufoo form does.

Here’s what I’m looking for - to have a check box that, when checked, other fields drop down that will then need to be filled out. If the box remains unchecked, the fields remain hidden. I have a few Form stacks but none seem to do this. I was looking @1LD Super Forms, @yabdab SnapForms, and @chillidog FormsPlus.

Is this possible with a Rapidweaver Form? thanks in advance.

You were “quite near”…: Yabdabs “Formloom” plugin will do what you want. It comes with a stack to place it anywhere on any stacks site. I do use it here: https://tickets.bingen-ruedesheimer.de/formular-linienfahrten/
If you click on a certain option in “Linienfahrten” in 2 cases other options appear in the form field which then appears. And also other options then appear when clicking on one of these options…

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