Image Carousels and Sliders? Don’t Use Them. (Here’s why.)

Interesting read, though I’m not sure I agree with it.

Not read it all, I will, but I’ve got the gist. And as usual I’d say it’s way more complex than a short article can get across.

Vital info and offers etc. In sliders… Bad.

Image sliders, to add some visual flair and variety… No harm done. Just realise few will see all the sliders.

I always tell clients to only put none vital content in slider number two and above.

But as always, with clever design and implementation sliders can work brilliantly and engage your users, so there is no one hard rule, no matter what the “experts” tell you.

Just look at some of the really clever ways @Webdeersign uses the Splider stack in some of his projects.

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Oh man. I put sliders inside sliders inside sliders. And guess what? I only go and put those sliders inside another slider!

What am I like?

My conversions are just awesome.

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I never pay attention to sliders that are auto-paced (e.g. go to next slide every 5 seconds). When there is a slider that is self-paced I sometimes use it.

… I think for many users there’s too many examples of sliders being eye-candy without any relevant substance so they just gloss over it. And from those many examples they learn to ignore them even for websites that might use sliders in a productive/useful way.