Image Fit protects the image, but lightbox?

I use Image Fit Source (fit mode cover, Protect Image on) in a grid (Source) with image description text, all inserted inside a LITEBOX (STACKS4STACKS) to make the image, if clicked, displayed in a lightbox.

The problem is that in the grid the image is protected by the IMAGE FIT stack option (works), but once it opens in LITEBOX the image is no longer protected, just a simple Drag and Drop or with the control-click save image, and the image can be downloaded.

(the site is a simple domain with a static web space)

How can I do to keep the image in the lightbox (LITEBOX) protected.

Thank you.

Maybe Swell Stack (doobox) is capable of this?

You can use Limelight as your lightbox and then add an ImageFit in the Limelight.


I thought about that, but I don’t know how to do it…

basically I use BOTANIST,

the grid images should open the lightbox.

i will try again…

Thank you.
Fixed with ImageFit Source (Protect Image on) with the Grid Item linked to limelight BWD id.

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