Image Gallery

Is there a 3rd party image gallery stack that will work in Source?
My solution until now is to use the RW built in Gallery in its own page using an ordinary theme.

They should all work with source.

Gallery from instacks
Pro Gallery or Swipe gallery from stacks4stacks
Album from weavium
Montage2 from doobox

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You can also build powerful slick galleries using Source with the BWD Limelight modal stack. Source has all of the effects you would need, already built in in an easy to implement way

Here are a couple of pages where I do exactly that.


For a full blown gallery I recommend Gallery 3 by Instacks.

As webdeersign says though, Limelight can be used to create a build a nice gallery / popup type effect too. I use it in the Pizza Monkeys project ‘gallery’ page


Nice to post late at night and wake up in the morning to lots of helpful replies. I will try Limelight, and Montage as I already have them. I did try Image Gallery from Cosculture. The gallery itself worked but it scrambled everything I tried to put below the container. In any regular theme its quick and easy. Thank you Anon, Webdeer and HS for your help.


Montage does the job.


Limelight is a brilliant stack but the true king of image galleries in RW is undoubtedly @Jannis ’ Gallery 3 - easy to use, but incredibly powerful, it works beautifully with placed or remote images, even importing galleries from Adobe’s Behance, which scales and sharpens images superbly.

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