Image Plus (Source) small-large sets a max height or width

Is it possible to set a different maximum height or width value based on the device where the image is viewed?

Example on mobile (small sets a maximum value) or desktop (large sets a maximum value).
Because the 100% value is fine on mobile, but I have some problems entering the % value on desktop it looks too bad, I should resize the image.
If I use the px value I should use too small a value, about 250px, because then on mobile it cuts the image, but on desktop it’s too small.

I really like Image Plus (Source) to put png and webp, but I have this problem.

There’s no setting for that currently in Image Plus (though i did add it fairly recently to the regular image stack).

I’ll take a look at adding it to Image Plus but in the meantime you could drop the image stack into a Source Container Plus stack and use the advanced max-width settings in that to control the width for each breakpoint.


Thank you!

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