Images copied from unsplash => project resources used as warehoused images

Not sure if this is an actual issue or just that I don’t understand something. However…

In a new project, I ran through these steps:

  1. Right clicked on an image in the unsplash resources, picked “Add to project resources”.
  2. Verified that the image was in the project resources.
  3. Added an image to a page.
  4. Selected “Warehoused” and set the link to the project resource.

All spiffy so far. But the tag I get for the image I just linked is this:

<img class=" " data-src="" alt="" uk-img="offsetTop: 50vh; offsetLeft: 0vw; target: false" >

If I copy a file from my computer into the project resources, the data-src in the tag is something like “resources/IMG_blahblahblah.jpg”. I would think that if I’d copied from Unsplash resources to project resource, the data-src would always contain resources.

Could this be a problem with Unsplash? Or how things get copied from Unsplash to project resources? Or am I simply misunderstanding how to use Unsplash resources?

I guess this is how it works when using the Unsplash option, but you can still get the path to your resources folder: right-click on the image at the resources and select Copy Macro, then use this macro as the image link.

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Thanks. I guess what I was expecting was that somehow the Unsplash resource would be copied to the local resources. Not the case, I guess. Thanks for the tip on the macro.

The macro method, I believe, means you can change the image and so long as thr new image has thr same name, it’ll appear as per the old image it replaced. It’s kinda like almost proper warehousing.

Regardless, unless you plan to share the project, resources are a piss poor way of “storing” your images, as they add a huge amount of weight to the project making republishes much much slower. It’s far better to do the job properly and warehouse your images separately to your server, either using ftp or the brilliant Repository stack from @Jannis at I stacks.