Importing a dynamic Shop-site into another site - doesn't work

I need to somehow integrate this shop-site… …into another website (

I already tried it via showing it in a Limelight Lightbox or inside Sections Pro and also with several iFrame stacks (Joes Offsite Stack, the Embed stack by Stacks4Stacks and so on). But only a small part of the shop-site is shown inside the iFrame and it’s completely not functional (and links to the external shop-page). You can see how it should work when looking at the first link inside an own browser window.

I also tried a RW iFrame page type. But here it also doesn’t work:

I need this shop as smoothly integrated in the website as possible. Could Joe Workmans “Portal” stack be a way? Or some kind of php-magic? Completely clueless…

I already found this thread:
Yes, I do have access to the ftp-server and could edit the htaccess file, but never heard of CORS before.

Stacks4stacks should work but you have to select the right option for a php file. Not at Mac at moment but will look later

Thanks, curious about if this will work…

In S4S Embed select Content Type: “Plain Text File”, try php echo or curl and see which works best.

I could import the shop site you linked to but my German isn’t up to knowing if it’s what you are expecting!

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Thanks so much, Paul! Your suggestion actually did work. Will now see what I can make out of it… :-)