In praise of Poster, again ;-)

I’m working on a new site for a new client, the business is wedding cakes. Lovely people but extremely “non-techie”. One of the criteria was for a blog that they can update themselves.

At the pitch, I showed them my usual choice but it got the thumbs down as it wasn’t what they wanted visually. They pulled up a couple of blogs on some of my other client sites and said they wanted the same. But, these blogs were maintained by me and use Poster.

Due to their lack of techi-ness I didn’t mention the markdown upload feature of Poster, as I didn’t think it would be doable for them. So I said I’d look at options and get back to them.

The next day I fired an email to Jannis (Mr. Instacks) with my predicament and long story short, he fired my back a super simple markdown template for the client to use, which they then upload using Repository (which I already had and use a lot).

I sent this on to the client and after a bit of hand-holding they were soon knocking out their own blog posts, uploading them. They are still amazed that something contains lots of text that they upload via Repo magically appears in their blog as a fully styled post. They think I’m super clever ;-)

I figured I’d post 'cus if you have Poster and are anything like me, you maybe shied away from the markdown/remote posting feature, but if you need a remotely updated blog, do have a look at it, it’s actually really simple and works brilliantly.


I cannot express how glad I am about your message and that your clients are able to update their blog by themselves now. Yeah 😃


Of course you are! Any other possibility?

Absolutely none mate. You lot look good because you bask in my brilliance ;-)

But ya, I sent the template, showed them what to do, corrected the first attempt, from then they were flying. Just need to educate them now about image sizes and we’re sorted.

I’m going to move a lot of my client blogs over to the MD setup now, once you get your head around it it’s so easy and far quicker than doing updates via RW.


Could not agree more. Poster is really powerful and versatile and Jannis jumps on any issues or requests to do something.


My English slang isn’t that good, but I think I am fine with responding: Always welcome 😁

Thanks Gary. And it will not stop here. I have lots of ideas for further development and improvements. Only time is the limiting factor.



It’s great to hear that Jannis, yes indeed, your Poster stack and all of your other stacks are really cool. I look forward to future updates / improvements 😃


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