"Injecting" CMS content into RW: PHP Or Java?

I’m working with a new CMS system which allows you to “inject”, or embed content into predefined zones in any website, I’m embedding the content into a RW project.

The CMS systems offers two methods: PHP or Java.

Which is best to use?

PHP, as with Java, you would need a Java Server for this purpose.

On this page, where I’m putting some content using this new system, I opted for java.

It’s working. Does this mean I have a java server?

Is it a case of if PHP is available, you should use it? Or, is there more to it than that? Is there a downside to using Java?

EDIT: Just discovered the big advantage to using Java when working with RW: The content appears in preview. Using PHP you have to publish first to see how it looks in the page.

For now, Java it is!

Still curious as to your answers to my questions above though.

Then this must be JavaScript.

Can you share the “Java” code you injected?

Good question… Erm… No! I’ll message you with it. Don’t think it’s wise to put here.

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I think, for security reasons, Java should not be ever considered (especially for “injecting” a code). It is an inherently unsafe platform. I am not a specialist, but I hear that for more than a decade. If I were in this particular situation, I would try to use PHP instead.

I assume that you are not talking about JavaScript, by mistake…

Yes, sorry, I did of course mean Javascript. I actually forgot such a thing as Java once existed.

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