Inline SVG social icons

I’m working on a project (via Foundry) and the client wants to put in a TikTok link in the footer. Of course, the FA version available to me doesn’t have that. What’s the best way to do that so that it looks like the image below - inline SVG? I’m pretty inexperienced with SVG’s. If that’s the route, am I using a two column stack with an svg stack in one and text stack in the other?

Here’s the SVG file you need, I’d just drop it into @tav Blueprint SVG stack.

<svg viewBox="0 0 32 32" xmlns=""><path d="m13.586 11.917v5.5a4.784 4.784 0 0 0 -6 4.431 4.324 4.324 0 0 0 4.623 4.589c3.416 0 4.623-2.4 4.623-4.651v-21.786h5.438c.925 5.753 3.8 7.088 7.654 7.705v5.512s-4.572-.325-7.5-2.533v10.889c-.003 4.927-2.924 10.427-10.174 10.427-6.728 0-10.17-5.7-10.17-10.478a10.02 10.02 0 0 1 11.506-9.605z" fill="#544f4f"/></svg>

Thank you sir!

By the way, I’m using your Kitchen template. Wouldn’t mind your feedback when i get a little further along

Course. Give me a shout if you need any help.