Insert a calendar into a stacks page

Hi Chaps,

I’ve been asked by a client if its possible to have this calendar show on his site:

I’ve built the site in UIKit but obviously can use any calendar stack. I just wondered if anyone knew of a way of reading the data from an online calendar like that? Or, would I have to export an ICS file and just keep manually updating it…


I use Weaveriums (daft name) Kalendar stack for this sort of thing. I have been warned that it dumps a huge amount of code on the page, but it seems to work fine and looks nice! There may be other, less code heavy and less fancy options out there.

By the way, I really like that site design, nicely simple and clean, and really easy to copy into UIkit3 too (next project noted!).

Cheers Steve,

Yeah its a nice and simple site, not built by me as its Wordpress and I am not a WP fan. Easy to convert though as you say.

I’ll take a look at Kalendar. I guess its not going to automatically read the data though, so it will be a manual update job every now and then as events are added…


No, Kalendar will gather it’s date from an online calendar, or several online calendars, I tend to advise the use of Google Calendar, but it’ll work with a variety. Then, each even added the the online cal will appear in Kalendar.

This is one instance of it on a client site:

Yeah, sorry, I meant that in my case it won’t as the Devon Dogs site doesn’t publish its calendar feed.

Turns out the client just wanted one ‘similar’ to that one, so I suggested he use a google one then I can get kalendar to read it.