inStacks Version Updates


As information about version updates might get lost, I am going to post them here in in one central thread.

Version updates are posted on my blog too:

If you need to comment on a specific version, please start a new thread.



I’m curious to know what the headroom.js does?



See demo on and scroll slowly up and down. The navigation bar will disappear when scrolling down and appear again when scrolling up. Thats an optional setting you have to enable in the theme settings.


Wow, what a great feature in a free blank theme.



Thanks @TINO ;-)




@inStacks-Jannis. What does this really mean? What kind of cool stuff can I now do with this update?


Good question


Excuse me that I was a bit unloquacious. If you use the markdown folder integration and have defined a header image, but no metadata image, the header image is now used as metadata image also automatically.

Bugfix 🤓