Instagram Stack Warning

I just bought the Instagram stack from 1LLD Themes they tell you to go to there you get the message
"As of March 31st, 2020, the Instagram platform will be deprecating its API.

Each Pixel Union theme’s Instagram feed sections will be impacted by this, as access tokens depend on this system to connect.

Instagram Access Token Generator deactivated"

So now I asked for a refund… since I will not be able to use the stack but the refund policy…
But no mentions on any website that these stacks do not work at all…

Are there Instagram Stacks that will still work after this ‘Facebook’ update to Instagram…

This has been on the cards for a while. I fear you’ll struggle to find a stack that continues to work once the API has been deprecated.

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Got an email back

“ We are currently updating the stack to Instagram’s new API system. The new system requires more steps for verification and we are currently going through the process to be verified. We anticipate the update to be released this week, however this update will be a new stack and any projects using the older stack will no longer display Instagram Feeds.”

and the suggestion to payback or wait for the update…

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Well at lest it sounds as though they’re confident they can get it to work. A stylable Instagram feed is still a brilliant solution for many clients.

Just wondering if any further news on Instagram integration stack. API changes came into effect 30 June and would love another stack that will work with Instagram.

Any thoughts out there please?

Cheers Scott

I use IG Connect from 1LD Themes - it works well - You have to refresh your api regularly (Instagram rules) -