Interesting 1937 video explains a complex problem and solution

In the absence of much else being discussed here about web design, I have here, an interesting film from Chevrolet explaining why we need a vehicle differential and how they work.

If you were tasked with creating a web site to explain the differential, using the technology developed since 1937, you would have a tough job of creating a site that works better than this one. Jump in at about 3:25 if you don’t need to know why we need differentials.


When I used to put my old 4x4 into 4x4 off road mode, the diff stopped. Doing this on roundabouts in the snow and ice made for very dramatic effects!

The tyres didn’t last long though.

Ha. People with 4x4’s should be forced to watch that video before they are allowed on the road.

You’re right. It is a very interesting way of explaining a very complex problem, and it still holds up very well 82 years later. Excellent film editing too by the way.