Interesting and unusual site built with Sparkle

This unusual but effective site certainly stands out from the crowd -

Unusual in that it was built with Sparkle.

The images overlapping the sections is also well done.


That’s a really cool (I assume) gardening/gardener website.

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Strange, I feel sure that I’ve seen the company’s website before — last time presented with RW?

They must have had some professional green screen photos taken and then removed the BG to create that effect. Whoever created that site deserves an award for convincing the customer to invest in photographs.

Technically it doesn’t adjust to screen size the way that we (us so called web designers) like to see sites be responsive, but their target market won’t care about that.

Whilst the image of Nick holding the plant was [hopefully] shot against a contrasting background, I don’t see the necessity of green screens in any of the images.
I spent many years creating clipping masks in Photoshop, even going so far as to create my own brushes to reproduce hair, and none of the sujets seem to present any special difficulties, although I do concur that decent photography is [always] paramount.

Who is their target market? People with gardens?

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@rob You are probably quite right about good masking to remove the BGs. Having short or hairless subjects certainly helps. One of the images with the guy with the leafy plant would have taken some good masking skills.

Your comments have reminded me to consider refreshing my masking skills to improve some images.

People with gardens and/or anyone tripping on purple or green.

HOVENIERSBEDRIJF = Gerdening requirements (or thereabouts)

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In dutch words are, like in german, combined into one word. We the dutch often use the “s” to couple words. So it says Hovenier - s - bedrijf. These to words cam be translated online:

so “hovernier” = gardener AND “bedrijf” = enterprise. In english: a company that provides services for your garden (nurseryman). Not requirements. Gardening requirements are bought in dutch at the “tuincentrum”. Again a combined word. This time no coupling “s”: tuin - centrum. The word “centrum” is used in dutch also for “shop”.

Yes dutch is very complicated for foreigners. We tend to keep it that way.

greetings dirk


Nice to see a unique design once in a while :)
Nice humour as well

Thanks for the clarification. I should, perhaps use a dictionary to interpret Dutch next time. I used the German words Hof & Bedarf as the basis of my “translation”.

Even if there was no text on that site, apart from SteveB, most would completely understand what the site was about. That’s good test of a site to see if when all all text is removed, does the site still work.

What? When have I said I didn’t understand what the site was about?

One of us is on the glue again: You, and you’re making up stuff others have said. or me, and I’ve said stuff i’ve forgotten.

Just saying. Actually probably both on the glue.

Without the text it is a nailed on Village People tribute act on LSD


Cheeky. That comment was to you, based on a comment you made, not a comment on the site.

But anyway, pass the bag.

I am inclined to agree that green-screening a green foreground is probably not going to work.

ok, whats sparkle?

Search for it on the Mac App Store where you will see it is a very popular and well reviewed web creation tool. I am not promoting as an alternative to RW, but I have been curious over time to see what it can do. Judging by the example site above it is very capable at building a free form web site without needing any additional addons and only costs £43.99. However, it doesn’t get even close to what Blocs App can do.

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