Interesting book about Flexbox - 50% off

This looks like an interesting and easy to understand book about Flexbox layouts. There is a sample Chapter to look at here - View Sample Chapters but it is actually 3 Chapters.

From looking at the sample chapters, the book looks well laid out and relatively easy to follow, for what can be a difficult topic to explain. Even though the book shows the code for each layout, the example images are self explanatory.

The current deal is at


It looks like a pretty good book, but I think it 's going to be more for coders.

If you want to learn Flexbox and know some basic coding I’d recommend you checkout Wes Bos’s video course, it free

And once you have an understanding of how Flexbox works you’ll want to bookmark the CSS-Tricks cheat sheet

Wes also has a free course on CSS Grid:

And CSS-tricks:


Sure but I think it would be good for non coders willing to learn about layouts. The layout diagrams show common web layouts and some of the challenges. I think the book might help to explain how layouts are built without ever needing to go near code.