Interesting Post about Skeuomorphism and introducing Neumorphism

Hard to believe that Apple killed off skeuomorphism in 2013 but there is a new kid on the block - Neumorphism.

Sketch Blog - A complete guide to skeuomorphic design

PS Sketch do a great job of interesting and frequent blog posts that tie nicely into their Sketch App.

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I think you are a couple of years out of date. Neumorphism has all but died due to its lack of accessibility. It was new in 2020.

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P.S Claymorphism is the new thing that came out of it all - more bold and accessible (and horrible).

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Ha. I will post about that in a couple of years time.

Us Weavers don’t like to move too quickly.


I like Morphmorphism myself.


Morph is definitely a skeuomorphicmorthism. On a positive note, he would pass Google Accessability tests with those high contrast eyes.

NB I only used β€œhe” not in any way to pin a gender on her or it.

Tony Hart always referred to him as β€œhe”.

Oh man that brings back some memories!

Now if anyone needs me, I’m off to watch Rent-a-ghost.

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I submitted a drawing of a boat to Tony Hart. It never got shown. I’m still a little bitter. It was pretty shit though.

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