Internal links in Markdown

When I create a link in the Source Markdown stack it defaults to a link to a URL. What is the best way to link to another page within my site using markdown. (Or do I just link to the URL of the relevant page? Or doesn’t it matter?

Hope this isn’t too basic a question

Yes. That should work.

Did you try this?

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yes, its works fine. I just wondered if its best-practice/quicker to use an internal link. Like in HTML,:

<a href="another-page" title="Another Page">another page</a>

Also if I can only link to pages as URLs in makrdown- then i can only add the internal links once the site is published. Just wondered if theres a way of making the link internal , so can set these up before the site it published

@Jamie Markdown is a special kind of shortcut for HTML. When your markdown page/stack is published it is auto-converted to proper HTML.

The link you gave above should not work. Have you tried it on an actual published page?

You can add HTML internal links before a website is published. If you know the basic domain address and the specific path to the page then you’re fine.

For example, if your domain address is: then the rest is pretty easy to figure out. Let’s say you have a menu item titled resources and a sub-item titled music-scores then I know the full link to the page will be:


Which can be represented as

<a href="/resources/music-scores/" title="Music Scores">Music Scores</a>


yep - this is what i meant. Is there a way to do this in markdown? Or will this html work in the stack?

Html will work. Or use markdown links:

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great, thanks