Introducing CLEAN - New project file

šŸ‘‰ Preview:
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āœ… Main Pages: 7 pre-built page layouts with a sleek and stylish design.
āœ… Utility Pages: 4 pre-built information page to make your website really complete.
āœ… Slideshows: Advanced layouts with animated content in each slide (MovingBox optional stack).
āœ… Animated content: Such as the Contacts Widget or flip boxes on the Home page.
āœ… Admin Area: professional, elegant and no-frills layout (Total version only).
āœ… Extra Bonus: 8 partials from the Bold project are included in Clean.
āœ… Documentation: Clean is delivered with truly comprehensive documentation.


Very nice project! Well done!

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@thorntonp Thank you!

Beautiful and brilliantly designed. Good job.

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@BailinStudio thank you for the compliments!

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