Introducing EFFECTS PACK - Project file for Foundation 6

A collection of over 25 ready-to-use effects to make your websites shine. Create captivating effects in moments.

Check it out now: Effects Pack



I have to say, those are really nice :-)

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Thanks @Kent

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Very impressive and useful.

Thank you @robertreinink

Fantastic. Any way to see this for Foundry?

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Thanks @Jannis

Thanks @Fuellemann. Unfortunately, I haven’t used Foundry for several years, so please note that the following judgment is affected by this aspect. Foundry is a great product but for some things it is more limited than Foundation, it offers less leeway.
While Foundry will certainly have a lot of features that Foundation doesn’t have, probably a lot of effects would only be possible by writing the CSS code directly, and many more I think wouldn’t even be possible.


Some very nice effects here - this joins my must-have list. Out of interest - any chance of availability for Source down the line? or does the foundry reply answer this question?

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Unfortunately, the answer is similar to what I wrote for Foundry. Source is certainly a great product too (I never used it) but I think (and it’s just my personal opinion) that Foundation 6 stacks offers greater freedom of action for designer.

Maybe someone who knows Foundry or Source well can tell me if they are easily replicable even with Foundry or Source?

UPDATE: Most effects are feasible just with CSS code. Foundation 6 provides stacks that allow you to create them without writing CSS code (except in rare cases).
So theoretically, if you know writing CSS code are all feasible with both Foundry and Source.

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Which specific ones were you interested in recreating for Source?

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HI @Webdeersign, if you replicate any effects with Foundry or Source I would be curious to see an online demo.

Well - I like them all but the ones that, at first glance, give me the ‘how is that done with my current stacks collection’ feeling, I would go for the following:

Pack 1
6, 7, 8, 9

Pack 2
8, 9

Pack 3

I should add, I’m a big fan of F6 and will continue to build with it so these are stacks are great for me. However, I like the idea of being competent with 2 frameworks and Source is my other big favourite. I generally alternate between them.

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Then just create classes and supply these inside your stacks for Source.

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