Introducing Foundation Box Studio

Hi weavers,

I’m happy to introduce you to the new Foundation Box project file store. We make professional project files for Rapidweaver built with Foundation 6.

We are almost ready for launch. πŸš€ Sign up to our newsletter to get early access to our projects! We have big plans for the future, so stay tuned and happy weaving!

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Cool stuff. Well done.

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Avenue project file

Here is a teaser for the Avenue project file. Avenue light is built with Foundation 6 stacks only. Avenue Pro is also built with F6 stacks and it features a fully integrated admin area and blogging system built with Total CMS.

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Faroe project file

This is Faroe, another one of our powerful and professionally developed project files. This project also comes in two versions: Faroe Light and Faroe Pro. They are both built with F6 stacks and feature section with optional stacks like Moving box and Scroll mate 2. In case you don’t have those stacks, you will find a version of those sections built with F6 stacks only in the partials section.
Faroe Pro also features a complete Total CMS Admin area.

Subscribe for early access here:

Website teaser:


Seems really nice. I am looking forward to see final .rw8 project results. I hope prices will be modern… πŸ˜‰

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