Introducing Palette - a brand new stack!


Hi All -

Am back with my first new stack in a while! It’s called Palette and it is a theming powerhouse for your RapidWeaver / Stacks websites!

Palette lets you set up multiple colour schemes for your website and provides a mechanism for you / your client / your website visitors to switch them out. I think it is a really useful stack for a number of use cases. Here are a few:

  • When developing a new site Palette can allow you to quickly see how it looks in various styles
  • If you are developing sites for clients it is a great way to present a few options to see which they prefer
  • Palette can also allow your website visitors to choose a colour scheme that suits them (Palette can also be set up to remember their choice between sessions and pages!)

Note: Due to the modern approach to CSS/colours that Palette utilises it only supports Source and Foundation 6 currently.

Check out the demo and if you like what you see then for the next week you can save yourself 30%! Simply use the code palette30 during checkout!

The Source version of Palette is currently available for FREE to anyone that purchases the Source Addon pack. So if you are not yet a Source user then this might just be a great time to start. Use this special link if you want this deal.

Thanks for reading!


Good description.

Another unique stack.


Brilliant, Stuart! I was hoping someone was going to bring CSS Custom Properties to the issue of colour schemes, but this is a really great way of doing that and I’m glad you’re the person to do it. [Can I just add that, since I made Source’s and F6’s colour variables an option for the color settings in LockUp, that LockUp is serendipitously ‘Palette ready’ ;-) ]

Are you going to follow it by doing the same with fonts? I hope so!


Another INSTANT BUY ! Thx @habitualshaker


Same here :-)

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Great looking stack Stewart.
Question: if one has already purchased the Source Addon pack, what is the upgrade path, as I cannot find it in my stacks library?

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Thanks everyone!!

@Konfuzzious - It’s separate to Source / Source Addons. I am just offering new Source users the chance to get the Source version of Palette for free. I also sent it to anyone that had bought the Addons in the last month.

Hope that helps / makes sense?

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p.s. I should have mentioned that there is a Source update that went out earlier today with some tweaks to better work with Palette. Check Stacks for updates if you haven’t already.

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Yep, makes sense, so I bought it :)
Love it, I look forward to the easy use of it.

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Hey Stuart! This looks great! Just one question before I purchase. I own Source, but not the Source Addon pack. If I purchase that, will the new stack only work with Source or will it work with F6, too (I’ve long built my sites in Foundation, and just haven’t switched over).

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Hi @dave - yes the special deal for those that pickup the Source Addons pack only includes the Source version of Palette. if you wanted the F6 version it would be via the regular Palette purchase (which includes both versions).

Hope that helps / clarifies?

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Yes, many thanks Stuart.

I build all my websites with Foundry and the first Foundation - so I think this stack does not work for me?

hi @Avzw - correct. I’m afraid it is just Source and F6 that use the underlying approach to colour that Palette needs.

There is an additional good use for this stack to offer a high contrast or B&W version of your site, for added accessibility.

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Which is a really good point, since it makes it possible to create less accessible version that are stylistically appealing, because visitors have the option to choose a high contrast version.


Hi all -

Thanks for all the great feedback for Palette!

Quite a few folk requested this so I’ve just pushed out v1.1 of Palette that includes a new (optional) setting that lets you specify a different default palette for those that have a preference for dark mode.

Palette Knowledge Base page updated too


Palette is still available with the launch pricing of 30% off. This ends on Friday.


Hej Stuart, I was just thinking if would be possible to randomize Palette so that visitors get a different colour scheme when they visit?

Kind Regards

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Hi @Kent - that could be a nice option. I’ll have a play with that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Would you envisage that if using that option then the user wouldn’t be given a theme choice (I.e. the pickers would be hidden) and they would get a different theme on each page / session? Or would you still like to show the buttons and if the user makes a choice then the randomness stops? Or something else? Keen to hear your / others thoughts.


I am generally not a fan of randomisation of how a page appears,because site visitors generally like to see what they saw the last time they visited, but, randomisation of colours can have it’s place in specif applications and is a good way to draw attention a site being active.

I would further suggest that a change of of Palette theme colours could also be beneficial to loop on a timed sequence. E.g. for a site that is runing a promotion of a new thing every day, then a change of theme every day from midnight, could be a useful feature (loop on Palette themes 1 to 7, daily). The theme could be the same as the last theme except for 1 or more colours used to highlight the daily “new thing”. In this case you would be changing just 1 colour for every day of the week. The “new thing” could be a review quote, featured employee, countdown to an event, news, etc… The colour change could bring the change to the visitors attention.