Introducing....Source Elements

Source Elements is a RW8 project file that contains over 50 pre-built web components using only stacks from Source and the Source Addon pack. These are ready to be dropped into any Source project and can be easily adapted to suit your project (there are notes in the project file to assist with this).

You can preview the components using the links below. It is important to note that the categories used here are just to group them in some way. Any component could be repurposed for any use.

Source Elements is £15/$20 but until 25th July you can get 20% off the Elements pack with the code sth-elements.

(Not got Source yet? Take 20% of the Addon pack too with sth-elements-addons!)

Any questions just ask!



Amazing job. Source is so far in front with this kind of stuff.


This is excellent. I need to add some stuff to a Source site soon and there’s definitely stuff here that will save a lot of time.


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Grid enabler does not work well with foundation6.

The display tends to shift.

Is this inevitable?

I have purchased both Source and Source Addons.

I also bought Source Elements, I have purchased all the Source products.
All of them are misplaced.

For example, the cards in the bundle have their arrows on the right, but they appear on the left.

The width is also off by a few pixels instead of taking up the entire screen.

Am I missing some settings?

I might be totally wrong, but isn’t Foundation 6 a totally enclosed system?

I don’t have many instant buys, but I like the way that source is developing - bought!

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Hi @TKslot - only the Source Grid stacks work with the Grid Enabler stack. It is for creating the layouts in other frameworks You would need to replace any Source content stacks with equivalents from the other framework.

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Hi @habitualshaker

I see! That’s right!

I understand.

I’m sorry for the disturbance.

Thank you both very much!

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Source Elements is very cool.
And beautiful.

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Fascinating to see what is possible, excellent work!

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Hi all,

Last couple of days to get the launch discount on Source Elements (ends Friday).

It’s been really popular - so much so that I have already started work on Source Elements 2! It won’t be available for a wee while yet but will have at least the following categories:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Image grids

I was thinking i might also have a user-suggested category where I could include Source recreations of web page sections/components that you have seen. So if you have any suggestions let me know via email (stuart at shakingthehabitual dot com).





I want a breadcrumb list.

Hejsan Stuart

I got Elements, how do I get Elements version 2

Kind Regards


Hi Kent -

You can download the latest version of any project via your Paddle locker (or via the download link in any purchase email).

All Source projects have been updated to use the v2 stacks.

A new Source project is coming out in the next week or two and then I will look at trying to finalise a new Elements project.