Introducing the Privacy Center Stack

Introducing the Privacy Center Stack

Enable your website visitors to easily manage their privacy preferences


  • Cookie Consent dialog with multiple layouts.
  • Privacy Settings dialog with customisable sections.
  • Keyboard and screen reader accessible (A11y).
  • Easily manage all of your external scripts.
  • Conditionally load content based on privacy settings.
  • Google Tag Manager Consent mode integration.
  • Manage GDPR, ePR & CCPA compliance.
  • Unlimited styles, fonts and colors, including Dark Mode.
  • Multilingual mode with unlimited languages.
  • Log cookie consent to a local log file.
  • CMS Compatible.

GET 20% OFF Launch Discount expires in…

countdown timer


I do not understand if at this moment and for another 12 days it is 20% off … or not

Not. That was a year ago.

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Ok thanks, okay,
unfortunately the counter showed me another 12 days discount …
and I didn’t understand.

I already have MiniCookie and I wanted to try Privacy Center Stack, I was about to buy it but I stopped, unfortunately with the change, I live in Italy, the price is very high (Change: ~ € 41.79),
I stay with minicookie.

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Hejsan Kennerty

I am going to use a FB pixel on a customers site. Privacy Center tells me to be sure to run the script through the Script Helper. I can paste the code but I cannot “Escape” it. Nothing seems to happen when I press the “Escape” button. Is this something I have to do after uploading, or can it be done inside Rapidweaver preview? I have also tried in the preview on a browser with same result. This site is made with Foundation 6. The page also informs me about a Javascript error.

Kind Regards


Actually, it happened when the script was enabled in the script setting, after not enabling it, I could run it through the script helper, but after pasting the code generated by the script helper, I get the same javascript errorwhen enabling the script… and some animation on the page stops functioning.

Can you paste your pixel code in a message or email so I can have look?

the code generated by your stack or the original code?

Anyway I have send you the original code. :-)