Introducing the Reviews Stack

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to introduce you to the new Reviews Stack that’s just been released.

Easily import Google reviews or add custom reviews to your stacks pages. The stack is fully responsive, works on all themes and frameworks, and features a built in slider.

20% OFF LAUNCH DISCOUNT applied at checkout if you buy now through May 15th. No coupon required.


Not sure how I missed this announcement (I saw it in a different forum), but I’ll give it a bump. I have a client who has long wanted his Google Reviews to show up in his site. The only solutions I found were either 1) subscription-based, or; 2) included an ad below the reviews for someone else’s web services. With that in mind, this was an instant purchase.

As I already have a Google Maps API, incorporating this into my client’s site was a piece of cake. And, because of an option within the stack to limit one-call-per-day to Google, there is ZERO worry that this will have an impact on payments to Google. I highly recommend the stack - it does exactly what @kennerty says it will do - and does it beautifully. I believe it’s the first product I’ve purchased from him, but I won’t have any hesitation buying from him again.

You can see it in action on the following page - just scroll down a bit: Vortext Heating and Cooling

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Thanks for the great review Dave. Can I use this as a testimonial on my site?

Absolutely, Carl, I’m happy to allow you to use it on your website. If you have a Google my Business URL, send it to me, I’ll leave a review there, too.