Introducing Custom & Pre-built Projects For UIkit3

I’ve made it into a project just with the form and deleted my ID at the custom value field, you just have to enter your list ID there: Download here:

Perfect, works 100% I’m going to dissect that project and compare with the one in to demo, with the list id added, because on on the face of it they are the same, yet one works, one doesn’t.

That is a fantastic feature to UIkit though, removing the need for a third party stack, brilliant work as ever.

The difference between the two is that the one in the demo has the hidden field disabled, this field must be enabled for the list ID to validate.

I did change that, but no. Maybe it was a publishing or caching issue? Either way, we’re there :-)

I will be adding this as a “how-to” to the tips section on UiKitter soon.

Thanks for the help.

As a final comment on this one for anyone else keeping up…

The UIkit form can also be used on on site unsubscribes, a requirement under GDPR (just having an unsubscribe link in the emails you send doesn’t suffice).

To change the UIkit form from subscribe to unsubscribe simply change the url in the custom box to…


Hey @UiKitter, Steve… Just having a gander at the Skyline site…Nice. Just an FYI the main video on the homepage is generating double scroll bars… I tried changing the surrounding ‘utility’ to uk-overflow-hidden and that kind of works although I still get a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the browser .

No biggie but thought you would want to know


I made some changes the overflow with regards to the video, to simplify things, it appeared to work as in testing I saw no issues and no scroll bars. Looking now, i still don’t, so can you do a screenshot?

@rojharris Done some more testing, and I can see what you’re seeing now, so reverted back to the way I handled the overflow yesterday, before attempting to simplify, and it seems to have fixed it.

I can send you an updated project, v.16.2, or …

  1. Change the video Utility stack to uk-panel.

  2. add the class overflowto the custom class box.

  3. Add the following to the custom css…

    .overflow {
    overflow: hidden !important;

If you want the updated project, let me know.

@UiKitter That did it. Sorted and saved. :-)

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@Jan Not sure if I got this updated version on the server before you download it. If you are seeing the issue Roger is saw, then either apply the fix above or let me know and I’ll fire you over version 1.6.2.

Thanks for the heads up on that one @rojharris

Bloody hell folks, loads of sales!

I’m actually a bit humbled! This is the first time I’ve done something like this: Making a project to sell for others to use, so didn’t know if people would actually buy it, but you are.


As you dig down into Skyline you’ll see that as well as getting the most of the native stacks by careful combinations, I’ve also tried to push things beyond intended use by introducing custom css. I realise some of this might not be obvious at first look.

You may well look at some of the effects and think “how the bloody hell did he do that?”. If/when that happens, check the stacks for custom classes in the Advanced Custom Class box then look for the class in the css window in inspector. Things should then start to make sense.

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How ya handling the commerce stuff? If you fill out the contact form with username and pwd and select stripe, what happens on your side?

You pay, I get an email, I send you the project.


If sales go nuts I’ll have to rethink that, but for the moment it works.

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That works.

It does, although when I cock up, get confused and managed to zip and send out the wrong version, as I’ve done with poor old @FichtMedia who I think I’ve managed to confuse as much as I am now, it kinda doesn’t work. But hopefully all sorted now.

I knew my method for doing things was going to have teething issues, it’s why at the moment I’ve only told those on the mailing list it’s available, and they’ve been given 50% off, so I don’t mind using them as the guinea pigs ;-)

That sure works. It reminds me of my first days and probably months selling software, many years ago. Then I found Cartloom…Glad that you’re selling well Steve!

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If things take off, I’ll look at an automated system, but for now, it lowers costs, meaning cheaper prices, so it’s all good.

So long as I stop cocking up.

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If you aren’t drunk when doing so, I think you will be just fine 😛

Realistic goals my friend. Realistic goals.

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