Invoicing software?

Not RW related but there are obviously a few people here who charge for their services, so I wondered what you use?

To be clear, for years I used a FileMaker database I ‘wrote’ to create invoices, track late payments, mark invoices as paid and record expenses. Then FileMaker became stupidly expensive and I looked elsewhere.

I don’t like subscription models so eventually settled on Proift Train from Razorant. Unfortunately, they’ve stopped development and since it’s 32-bit only, I suspect it won’t run on Mojave.

So, can anyone suggest a simple program that creates attractive invoices, tracks them, also tracks expenses and will allow me to do annual summaries that I can print off and share with my accountant?

I don’t want to pay a subscription and I don’t need a full-blown accounting service/software (I just need invoicing and expenses) but I would like the invoices to look nice and for the program to be in development.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Invoice ninja. Free of you self host and can get it to work (I couldn’t). Hosted service is free up to 100 clients then £8pcm there after.

I use, and love, Billings. But, I believe they went subscription-only a few years back. Thankfully, their stand alone version still works with Mojave, so I haven’t been forced to find something else. If you can find a non-subscription version for sale, I highly recommend it. It’s invoicing only- but is perfect for web designers since it is able to track (and bill) by the piece/job as well as work done by the hour (click a button when starting and stopping, and it tracks time spent). It also generates beautiful invoices that can be emailed or snail-mailed.

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I know a few people who use Wave, and they love it. It’s completely free

I’m using Totals for 5 years or so. (

I think @willwood recommended this a while back. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I really like Billings as well but just missed out before it went subs-only. 8-(

I think the chances of finding an old version are pretty slim and I’ve kind of been down that route with Profit Train.


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I signed up for Wave once but I think it was just too complicated for my - basic - needs.


I’ve moved away from server-based invoicing software, like Invoice Ninja. I found I didn’t really need the ability to login from everywhere or do invoicing from my iPad. And in this current climate of SSL and data security, these solutions started to get a bit too much to handle; versus the infrequency that I actually need to send invoices to people.

I am now using this free and opensource desktop app, called Manta:

A nice interface and it just focuses on doing all the basics. The Mac download link is part-way down the page, if you need the compiled version.


Thanks Will. I’ve downloaded it and will take a look. What’s the update process like? I’m not a GitHub user so don’t understand the drill.


I use GrandTotal from

It is integrated with different apps, especially the time recording system “Timings” that comes from mediaatelier, too. You can use your own templates, send invoices by mail or print invoices, sync by Dropbox and iCloud etc., and there is a integration with my accounting software “Umsatz” etc.

I can highly recommend it

@rob.beattie I don’t know if automatic updates are supported. But the check for updates option in the menu certainly works and will download anything newer that is available.


I’ve got no complaints about Manta. It is fast, simple and stable. It does all the basics I need. I have been using it for about a year.

Cheers. Quite happy to do manual updates. Thanks a lot.

This is great. Many thanks.

Manta looks impressive and refreshingly well thought out.

The development seems to have been in active for the last 9 months or so and the site is dead unfortunately.

Do you know any sources of Templates that are referred to in the Githudb docs?

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Another vote for Wave it’s free, has a credit card and bank draft payment built in (normal fees apply here) and you can even do Payroll through it, if need be. Been using it for 8 years now.

Wave looks really nice.

For anyone else coming from Germany, I can recommend

Does Wave has the ability to add fees to the invoice?

I send out invoices via IN with three payment options: BAC’s (free) Stripe (+1% & 20p) Paypal (+3.75%). It matters not to me which payment option is used as there is a handy feature to add the charge to the invoice value.

Before anyone says, it’s legal because there is a payment option that incurs no fee.

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Not sure if any good @rob.beattie but just came across this in a post: (it’s free and if they pay via Stripe author gets 1%)

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Thanks Michael, looks nice but I get paid in cash stuffed into envelopes…I mean via bank transfer, so the Stripe hook-up isn’t for me. I’m currently exploring some of the others mentioned here and will report back.