Invoicing software?


@steveb Unfortunately, no options to add fees depending on payment type. My work around, now that most people are using the “pay by credit card” option, I just started charging a few dollars more on every invoice to cover fees…


I use and recommend Wave. It is only as difficult as you need it to be. If you just want to send out invoices and track their payment, then it is really simple. The extra features are there when you might need them.
You can customise your invoices with logos and colour schemes.
The only time it costs money is if you accept payment via credit card. Most of my clients are happy to eft straight to my bank account, and that is 100% free.
I have 3 separate sides to my business and I have added each to my wave account as a separate business which is really handy with only one login.
An excellent feature is that you can generate invoices from their mobile app, which is actually easier than using the desktop version.


Thanks Dave. I’m currently having a look at which is interesting, but the info that you can use Wave ‘simply’ is helpful.



A question about Wave

Is it possible to have an ‘umbrella’ company (not an actual company, just a trading name) with two or more trading names ‘beneath it’ as it were and then have different invoice templates (logos, design) associated with one?

trading as Hove Web Design
trading as The Brighton Copywriter




I’m not trying to be a fanboy here, I realise to some it might seem like it, but I’m just trying to give Rob as much info as poss…

Invoice Ninja has that ability. You have the holding company, then you can add as many as you want under it.

A load of my invoices went overdue yesterday (as usual!) so I started the process of sending out reminders, but in the end just decided to upgrade IN to the pro version at about £6 a month. With Pro you can setup three reminders at scheduled periods after the due date.

Again, not a fan boy of IN, just wanting to give a full picture of options.

Oh, and if you self-host IN it’s free, basic and/or Pro. I did try installing in on my server but it was a total bollox so gave up and went with the hosted option. Given everything I’ve learnt it can do, it’s worth £6 a month to me. but maybe not others.


My final comment (for now: Just had a look and I see that Wave integrates payments and invoices, so in effect doing two jobs (I use Stripe for online card payments).

The only thing I’d say about this is be very careful about joining two separate but crucial services into the one supplier. Typically this sort of thing ends in tears.


Billings is exactly perfect for me, but for my stand alone version MacOS says it’s not 64-bit. What version do you have? Mine is ver. 3.7.6


Marketcircle will not make the self serve version of Billings Pro work with Mojave.
They stop the support for that version on 28. Feb 2019.


Instantadmin , used it for years


I use randtotal since 2011. receives updates very regularly and works just fine. what really pushed me to choose grandtotal is the ability to fine-tune the layouts in a very eazypeazy way (pdf background + content table from grandtotal)
what I also like

  • no subscription
  • integrates well with several related apps
  • statistics included
  • manages all sorts of documents from offers to invoices to delivery to payment reminders…
  • setting up catalogues for individual products / services including description/pricing etc. is easy
  • charge by piece, time etc.


There is a deal for invoice ninja:

  • Jan


Late to the party. I suggest checking out Zoho Invoice. I switched to them from Billings since they offered an iOS app allowing me to track expenses on the go. I also like the payment integrations as such my invoices automatically get switched to paid when a customer pays. I highly suggest checking it out.

  • Joshua


I started with Billings while back, I wonder where I have the license??
Anyway now I use for many years AccountEdge Pro but you might want to look into AccountEdge Basic.


Many thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I’m going back to give Wave another go. I reckon I’ll run it for 2019-2020 and see how I get on.



Down the road, please let us know how you fare with it. At some point, I reckon my (very old) version of Billings is going to stop working with MacOS- and for the few invoices I generate, I will not move to a subscription model (most of my work is generated for a 9-5, full time, job).



Will do. I need to hang on and finish this financial year with Profit Train, while getting everything ready to switch on April 1st (haha). Once that’s happened I can upgrade to Mojave!


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6th April.
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Mine’s April 1st. Of course, it depends what you mean by pedantic…


I thought you. Meant tax year, but just messing either way.


UK wise if you just want a system to keep track of invoices and expenses then I would recommend 1Tap.

It suits me well for keeping track. It doesn’t provide invoicing, but it does have a nifty receipt photographing element that means that I always have my receipts logged.