iPad air 2... still current?

I’ve been offered an ipad air2 64gb cellular in great condition for £150.

I don’t do IOS, except for testing sites. My old iphone 6 tester is lagging now so wondering if this ipad is worth getting.

I’ve no idea iPads, never had one.

Is the air 2 too old to bother with or good enough for maybe a bit of media consumption and as a test machine?

I have had them for a while now and they grew on me. I started with air2, gave it to my daughter and got air3… I find them quick and useful for viewing, reading/ skimming the net. Easy to carry around, email, ftp stuff, write, edit photos… and I can do everything but edit RW. Easy to pick up/put down, watch movies and keeps me off the Mac if I don’t need to be there.
The Air2 is good for media consumption and to become familiar with what it can do. It’s not too old, but getting there in a year or so. For the money, go for it and see how you feel with it. I use mine for writing mostly, editing photos, logos, uploading/downloading. It’s where my ideas etc land cos its so quick and easy to use. Get it, you’ll love it!
Its not as fast as the 3, but that’s a $$ upgrade. Some apps don’t work on the 2.