iPad Pro 13 issue

Today I was in the local Apple store browsing and tried the new iPad Pro - the screen is superb and based on the same tech as the MacPro’s display. However, I was surprised to see that the image background to my container plus stack was zoomed to extreme and nothing I could do would render it normally. I use a few of these stacks on various sites and have seen no issues on any platform, until today: https://wildphotographer.co.uk

Naturally, I then wondered around trying the image on all the other accessible devices and everything was rendered normally (including my own iMac 5k and old retina laptop).

The only other problem I have seen with any of the STH stacks is non-visibility of Parallax stacks on some windows devices, but it is not a market that worries me.

Without seeing the issue I couldn’t be sure but my guess it that it is likely something to do with the background image being fixed. I’ll check it out as soon as I get the opportunity.

Hi Stuart, thanks for responding so quickly – I thought it useful to post it here in case others saw something similar. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to be able to buy the top of the range iPad, despite the screen quality being outstanding.
You could well be right on the background being fixed, because the device will be seen as an iPad, despite the resolution of the screen being very high. I wonder if anyone else on the forum has one of these devices and could perhaps check?