Is any one here using Yuzool Themes “CHECKOUT 2” stack with Stripe in their RW site?

I cannot get it to work, and Stripe is not able to help. I followed the instructions for the Stack perfectly, filled out all the fields in Stripe and even confirmed with their support everything necessary was accounted for before publishing.

Moving the curser over the button shows a live link, but the Stripe payment page does not open.

RW and Stripe are communicating, because every time I click, it shows up in Stripes Developers Log as an error, and the error says I have to put my domain in the domain field in the Checkout section of Stripe. I’ve done that countless times and the result is the same. I usually put in just the simple domain name, or add < www. > or add < https:// > but it still doesn’t work. It did work ONCE. But then went back to the same pattern.

One thing I’m not sure about. In the stack there’s a place for a redirect to a “Success” page and “Cancel” page after finishing in Stripe, and I want customers to return to the same page they left from, so that’s the URL I put in both fields. I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but in Stripe you can pull up a snippets window, and it always reverts back to < www.popenoemethod/success >, and not the URL I put in there.

At this point I’m extremely frustrated, and Stripe offers no help other than telling me to do what I’ve already done 50 times.

I’ve put in a support request to Yuzool, but no answer as of yet. I just wonder if anyone else is using this stack and perhaps can point me in the direction of what might be the trouble.

Thanks in advance! Josh

Hello do you have Cart 2 or Cart 3

Where do you put in the url?
If you have cart 2 this does not function anymore with Stripe…

@yuzoolthemes seems to be MIA and hasn’t been particularly active in any of the RW forums.

Outside of a republish all files and clear the cache I can’t suggest much else.

Both Paysnap 3 and Rapidcart 4 offer Stripe integration. A pain to have to switch over I know but unless someone here has an answer it might be your next best option to quickly resolve your situation instead of waiting for an answer from Yuzool.

I recently tried out Paysnap and was really impressed. For small scale ecommerce without the need to edit/manage inventory outside of RW it’s now my go-to. It’s really well put together, has few if any “quirks” and offers masses of control regards product variants, something most similar solutions don’t.

If you need something more “enterprise” level and again don’t need to add/edit inventory outside of RW (except for stock levels) Rapidcart Pro is the tool. It’s good. Seriously good. I’d say it ranks up there with some of the best ecommerce solutions around, inside or outside of RW. It puts many MANY commercial stand-alone solutions to shame.

Both these products are one-time purchases: Buy once, use as many times as you like.

There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of subscription services available too, with most being as easy to add to a RW project as adding a bit of HTML code. These range from the truly awful to the pretty good. All require a monthly subscription, and some of the monthly subs seem reasonable for the services they offer. Many though will sting you when it comes to payment processing: They require you to use their own payment gateway (often a white-label extension of a big player) and the fees can be horrendous.

Last week I had en email from yet another new entrant in the monthly sub ecommerce solution. The monthly sub was a fiver, reasonable enough as they offered some good services, but the transaction fee was 5% That’s more or less robbery.

I’ve never used one of the monthly sub solutions, as all the ones I’ve ever tried are pants.

Should add: Rapidcart Pro won’t work with @Lucas brilliant UIkit3 framework. Rapidcart Pro uses the classes and styles from Uikit1/2 (not sure which), when put alongside UIkit3 everything breaks. Hopefully, the RCP boys will scope their classes, I think that’s what’s needed) and fix it, but I’m not sure it’s high on their agenda :-(

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