Is anyone using Adobe Fonts with RW?

I just downloaded Creative Cloud from Adobe for Photoshop and I love the Adobe Web Fonts. Seems super easy to include into a project; but was curious if anyone else is using it and what are some best practices.

Hi Eric,

I used to use it back when it was Typekit and then cancelled my account when Adobe took it over. Now they’ve given me a free year to try and persuade me to take it up again… so, memo to self, I must remember to use it sometime.

Best workflow for me is using it with Joe Workman’s Font Pro, which makes it really easy to set up and add your Adobe Font to any project.

Of course there are harder, more time-consuming, and probably ‘cleaner’ ways to do it, so I’ll leave that for the posters below!

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I’m soon going tot have to bite the bullet and take up subscription to PS, my old cs6 is constantly falling over. Do the web fonts come with the basic PS subs?

Yes, I use them on several of my demo sites.

They are generally of very good quality but do check. I ended up having to use Google Sanchez for the BWD site titles as the kerning on the TypeKit/Adobe font I wanted was terrible between a d and a W which rather messed up the look of RapidWeaver

I never though that I would hear that said about Typekit Fonts. Especially from Tav.

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Yes - they do come with the basic subscription. Here in the states, they offer a Photography Plan which includes Photoshop and Lightroom, with Fonts thrown in for free. The cost is $9.95 per month. I did the math a couple of years ago, and was spending more by upgrading my web package every other release than this package costs.

As an aside, I love Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher, but never got the hang of Affinity Photo. So, I am happy to do without InDesign and Illustrator. And, since finding RW years ago, I’ve had absolutely zero interest in Dreamweaver. So, all added up, $120/year for Ps, Lr and Fonts is a good deal for me.

Thanks @Marten I’ll check out Font Pro. I was adding all the CSS, it was a bit time consuming, but I liked the end result.

That was one kerning pair of one font and is not representative. Generally TypeKit fonts are far superior particularly in things like baseline accuracy (crucial for correct vertical rhythm. @paul.russam made a lovely demo of this during the development of Font Pro which came about because I hated Google fonts in the first place.

That said,

  1. if you are using a theme/framework with non proportional simple pixel vertical spacing then it is all a waste of time and you may as well use crapfont.woff
  2. Google Fonts have got a lot lot better in the last 3 years but you do still need to choose carefully…
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Yes it’s interesting how font things have changed over the last few years. I do remember Paul’s great font demo very well - Paul’s bandwidth is currently exceeded.

I tend to stick with a handful of excellent Google Fonts these days and can’t find fault with them. There are however, still some real stinkers in the Google font box to keep the typeface blind, happy.

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Yea, I dun screwed up with a demo for a question on the forum. I hosted a video that was far to large and screwed my bandwidth allocation.
I’m waiting for Greg to take pity on me when he wakes up :)

Bandwidth restrictions lifted the FontSampler site is now working


Hi Dave - first thanks for the input with my Maps API question. I too use the Affinity products but I think I can handle the plan that you mentioned above… Was it some kind of special? I went looking for it and all I found was 20$ a month. While I can get a good discount on the entire package (education discount) like you it’s a bunch of things I probably won’t use.

Is there a secret hiding place (link :) to the pricing you seem to have? Thanks in advance.

Not sure if the plan is valid outside the USA. But, here, it’s called the photography plan and includes Ps and Lr, and runs $10/month. For my purposes, it’s well worth it. And, they throw in Fonts for free.

Well, Dave - it’s official. Adobe likes you more than me. Visited on my computer and here’s what I get… Maybe prices change depending on location? I know Amazon does that…

Stateside here as well, just north of San Diego.

I’ve more or less given up trying to get CC, the Adobe pricing system and explanations are terrible. Trawling thru all the options at one point I had two packages on the screen: Lightroom on it’s own with 2gb online storage for £19pcm and PS, LR and more online storage for £9.

But, when I tried to checkout all the packages changed.

The best I’ve seen is the CC Photography pack with PS and I think LR for a tenner a month, but I can’t see if fonts are included or not. I’ve emailed them and heard nothing back.

Trying to rent a product from Adobe reminds me a lot of trying to send a parcel with Royal Mail: Both companies have put more effort into offering millions of different options but zero effort into any correlation between any of them with no real way to see what you’re actually buying.

I have the CC Photographers package package and yes, fonts are included.

No Tenner for me - just double :(

Here in Germany:

11,89 €/ Month (incl. VAT)

Still hanging on to CS6 for dear life. But out of curiosity, checked it out on this end. Ten bucks.

Ping Adobe on Twitter @mark180 - in my experience, their social media is very good. Ask them why it’s $10 for others, but showing up as $20 for you.

I was paying $50/month for Fonts last year, but a month after my renewal they changed and began offering as part of the photography plan. Out of the blue, they refunded my entire $50. I was quite surprised (and happy).