Is Chillidog still active?

I bought FormsPlus from Chillidog Software website on Wednesday.

At the time I received no payment receipt or download link. I have still not received a download link since payment.

Yesterday I submitted a support ticket, querying where my download link was. I then received a receipt as attached:

CleanShot 2022-04-01 at 08.11.54

There is no branding on the receipt, which suddenly makes me very suspicious of the validity of the Chillidog Software website.

Prior to GDPR I used Chillidog hosting extensively for my clients and Gregs support was outstanding, possibly the best in the RW world.

I find this situation highly unusual

So are Greg and Chillidog still with us?


Or try to reach out to him on the other forum

Having tried Chiilidog Software support, his own page on Weavers Space Community and here, I hoped that would be enough to trigger Gregs response .

With what’s going on with Dan and his attitude to his long standing clients I will not use the RW forum as I no longer trust it to be a good honest point of access or discussion.

Hi Pete

Yes I’m very much still active. My apologies, have my head down in work and not active on the forums at the moment.

The best way to reach me is via my site and my support email. Please email me at support@ and I’ll be happy to resend the receipt with the download link. Sorry for the inconvenience.