Is it just me, or is Vimeo an utter nightmare to work with?

Folders, collections, showcases, categories… WTAF!

I’ve paid for the basic version for a while now, but everytime I try to work with Vimeo I eventually give up. It’s almost like it’s been designed by Google engineers ;-)

The latest thing I’m falling over on is adding a Vimeo hosted video to a header on a site using the UKit3 video and cover stack. That bit is working fine but I can’t get the video to loop.

A Google says I do that within Vimeo, and I thought I’d sussed it, but no.

First off… Help on that particular issue (tagging @Lucas) but also, in general, is Vimeo just a dog, or is it me?

I like Vimeo, not had any such problems myself.


What about normal people?

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Zippo problems for me. I find it very easy to work with. Love that I can directly send folks a download link, plus other stuff.

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Ok. So what about stupid people then?

(This isn’t going the way I’d planned)

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I love Vimeo. It just doesn’t get the love of others enough, and everyone is searching on YT for videos.

Also easier to use than bloody YT.

Cheers from a simple person 😛

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Not sure but maybe the loop function requires the Plus subscription? In UIkit I usually opt for HTML-5 for looping videos.

Morning, ya, I have used the self-hosted (HTML-5) option previously, but I’ve got a lot of videos self-hosted nw for headers, and they’re starting to suck-up bandwidth, so figured shift them to Vimeo, but it looks like it’s not to tool.

I have a Vimeo Plus, and he option to loop used to exist in the settings, but it seems to be gone. No doubt bumped to a higher sub to get me to upgrade.

Cheers for the replies, I still hate Vimeo.


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Not sure how it’s linked exactly in UIkit, but can you add ‘loop=1’ to the end of the url? (Just going off what I see here:

Edit: this site shows a slightly different code…

I’m not at my computer now but maybe loop could work by adding ?loop=1 after the video ID.

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Ha ha! That worked!

Thanks for the helps everyone.


In case anyone needs it, there is VimStack.
VimStack (

Video Id:
Embed in ExtraContent:
Auto play:
Hide in Print/Pdf:
intro Title:


Just seen this - 12 years with Vimeo this year - hate YT, will not use it. The team at Vimeo are superb; any problem it is sorted :)

@Gianluca - a free Vimeo stack!! Thank you for this - my previous one was tied to another theme system and would not work with Source, so I have been using html embeds

Snap I like it too.

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Old thread, dug up from the depths (well, last year).

I still hate Vimeo though. But still use it.


I know, I know, but Vimeo has been so good for me that I cannot help but praise their work.

A few years back I had been unable to reclaim the VAT for complex reasons, but they changed their tax arrangements and refunded me all that was reclaimable - how many organisations give you money back!? Then the ‘Anonymise request to 3rd party servers’ came to RW and like a good, privacy based person, I checked the box - it was only a few days later that someone mentioned none of the embedded videos were working on a site. Their support team were superb in helping me to work out what I had done (Doh!)

Nuff said. Sorry @steveb :)

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No it’s fine.