Is it wrong to criticise

So I said something was crap.

Why is criticism seen as a bad thing? Admittedly is wasn’t constructive as I cannot find that angle.

It would make me try harder to prove them wrong.

IMHO it depends on the tone you choose. If you are offensive, you should not be surprised if the addressee feels hurt and back-lashes.

Non-constructive criticism is also not very helpful. Why would you raise your criticism of not to improve what you don’t like? If you don’t say what’s broken, how can it be fixed?

Just my 5 cents…


Ok, I get that.

But what if something is such a bad idea “Swimwear with built in electric BBQ “

lol, good point!

I wasn’t talking about that kind… or really bad soccer/rugby/cricket games for that matter ;-)

My view on this:

Sorry but it’s truly horrible.

This is not criticism it is just your opinion. Harsh language but I say that is your right to express.

Anyone that says differently is blowing smoke up your bottom.

This is not required. You do not know what other people think. I did not care to read this part of your comment.

This wasn’t about any other thread, just a general question, so I acknowledge your input and to explain it’s a British colloquialism that when surrounded by fans, you never hear a different opinion other than the one you want to hear.

Look I’m sorry you took offence at someone not liking your hard work, move on, I’m one insignificant person one person doesn’t like it, hundreds probably do.

Stay lucky.

This small detail makes all the difference between criticism and an unjustified attack.

Criticism (the constructive variety) is always welcome.

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OK, then I am confused since your initial post appear to be referring to the thread I quoted.

Not to do with me

With respect, it was you that brought the subject again and ask for comment.

Nothing more to say on this. Have a good day.

Unjustified, ok… but this wasn’t meant to be about another thread.

Change my mind then, what does the product add to web design in 2019.

Explain why it’s a good tool from a design prospective.

Explain why I need a animated title on my website, will a customer buy my produce, because I had flashing / sliding text on my site.

Will google bump me into the top ten in every search because I have it?

I’ll apologise in every RW forum on the planet and buy 100 copies if you can give me one good reason to use it.

This is completely besides the point. Whether or not a product adds something to web design shouldn’t have any bearing on how the product is being criticized (constructively, or otherwise). Chances are, your opinion is relevant only to yourself, especially when nobody asked you for it.

Your original comment is not unlike Trump’s tweets—arrogant, ignorant and self-important. And it presumes that we all are just dumb peasants who need to be educated by you—without any evidence to that effect. That is all I have to say. Over and out…

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If we judge the products in the RW universe by whether you need them or whether they’ll bump you up on Google, there’d be about 6 addons to choose from. With that one in particular, it was born out of a user specifically requesting it, I believe.

As for the general ability to criticize, I don’t think anyone should be immune to that.

Just like if someone were to, for example, say that a stack that created animated headlines was truly horrible, I might criticize that as an objectively shite review/opinion - it’s non-specific (is the stack horrible? the design aesthetic? the opinion of the reviewer?), it is hyperbole, etc.

And aside from whether offering criticism/opinion is right or wrong, there’s always a cost-benefit to consider to what you say and how you say it. Some hard truths are worth it, some aren’t.

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Response Deleted as I don’t give a crap.

Love you all xxx

Well, in that case, it’s better to close this thread.